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Burnage Miscellany, No 7 is dedicated to my sister Patricia Valerie Purdie nee Nadin who sadly died in 2006 in New Zealand, where she had made her home. The issue had a major article on "The Crossley Road Tragedy of 1952" as well as two guest articles, one On Moving into Avon Road by Kathleen Corrigan nee Morrison and the other "How the Other Half Lived" by Pauline Giles and Stephen Greatbanks. There is more research into the Jackson family including a list of their possessions in 1836, some Burnage Monument Inscriptions from Didsbury churchyard, Burnage items from "The Times" of 1866-77, a Burnage Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 1902, News of Burnage from 1906 including a dispute about the first bus service, and a list of POWs from BHS in 1944/5. It is well illustrated with school and sports photos, and some recent photos and items of graphic art from Modern Burnage.

Burnage Miscellany 8 includes a main article on the Bibbys of Bibby Lane and Hyde Fold farmas well Moving Into Arbor Ave by Don Briddock, news of a new church for Burnage in 1875, more history of the Jacksons and some Burnage baptisms at Heaton Norris, some WW2 Burnage servicemen, news from Burnage in 1907 and lots of photos.

Burnage Miscellany 9 has a leading article on Burnage Methodist Church and a sad story of Solomon Swift. There are reports of a baloon incident, A Burnage Pageant of 1908, further history of the Jacksons, some Burnage MIs from Heaton Mersey Congregational Church, a poem on Burnage Days, Burnage News from 1908 and more names of those serving in WW2.

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