This is our most recent Miscellany.

Another one will be published 2011/12

Miscellany 10 is the most recent of our Miscellanies.

The major article is on Cringle Fields and Errwood Park illustrated by a number of rare historical photos. There is also a detailed account of Clifton Street (now Connaught Avenue) in 1911, and plenty of Burnage news from 1909. There is an article by Edward (Ted) Bethel deceased of the days when he went poaching where now Kingsway lies, and another by Geoffrey Bingham of his family moving into Burnham Avenue in 1936.

Three World War 1 servicemen, Henry William Cross, Clifford Albert Seddon and Ernest Hardiman feature in a short taster of our research into what we hope will become a book on Burnage Servicemen of WW1. There is also another list of Burnage residents who served in WW2. There is also a list of some of the earliest pupils at Burnage High School.

Finally there is a picture quiz of Now and Then. In addition we have a good selection of photos from our Burnage Heritage collection.

This may be obtained from Burnage Library price 2 or from Burnage Heritage, The Hermitage, 201 Willowfield, Harlow, CM18 6RZ price 2 plus postage.

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Work is continuing on a detailed account of the whole of Burnage in the years 1910/11. It is hoped to publish this 56 page A4 booklet at the end of 1911. If anyone has photos from that time either of Burnage folk, places or events, we would love to hear from you.

Work is also continuing on WW1 servicemen and on the third of the WW2 trilogy, for which we have had very little response from our appeals to information on service details. These can only be obtained from relatives since there is no public access to them.

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