The story of Hurst Fold Cottage, Burnage Lane and the Hurst/Hardiman family which lived there.

This 56pp booklet price 5 incl UK postage was our first non Miscellany publication and has been written by Pauline Giles and Stephen Greatbanks, both descended from the Hurst family of Hurst Fold.

It includes many photographs not only of the cottage and the Hurst/Hardiman family but of that end of Burnage and surrounding areas.
It will bring back many memories.

This booklet can be purchased in person at Burnage Library or by post at  Burnage Heritage details below.

Hurst Fold Cottage, Burnage Lane.

The cottage lay on Burnage Lane beyond the Bull In and Renolds on the north side of what is now Redstone Road.There was a small group--or fold--of cottages, the major one occupied by the Hurst and later the Hardiman family. Other occupants of the cottages there, included the Adsheads, the Ashburners, the Ashworths, the Brickhills, the Dickinsons, the Jacksons, the Padmores, the Richardsons, the Sandbachs, the Thomsons and the Waltons.

Fog Lane at the junction with Burnage Lane

Fog Lane, cotton houses, beyond the railway

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